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This website is long but finished. Sorry!


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I sometimes do (freelance) web development. Below are some of my latest works of 2015.

Hackathon entry: Tinder for Tutoring

  Hackathon entry: Tinder for Tutoring

Mobile friendly event website.

  Mobile friendly event website.

Mobile friendly event website. (2)

  Mobile friendly event website. (2)

Mobile friendly student platform

  Mobile friendly student platform

If you feel like you could use a mobile-friendly (and maintainable) website for your project, send me an e-mail at me [at] thij [dot] sl. I’m currently in Belgium if you want to meet face-to-face.

#chikul14 Jobbler

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Together with two other fellas, I have to develop an application that could contribute to the student community.
We opted for an application that tackles the problem of finding a short term job. We baptized our new child Jobbler.

We have to document our progress through a WordPress blog and keep fellow students up-to-date through the #chikul14 hashtag on Twitter.

All in all, a pretty nice course and a refreshing style.

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I'm also a freelance (web) application developer (front-end & back-end). I can help you with social media branding and project management.

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